\m/ Burton Butterfly \m/ (alisa_mugano) wrote in fixxxer_help,
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First entry

Welcome everyone. Feel free to share your problems here. I'll do my best to help you:)
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This place looks interesting... I might give it a shot.

Hi, I'm Jas btw.
Hi! Nice to meet ya! Btw, u can feel a blank that u see in a user info page;)
Nice to meet you too.
just like someone that doesnt like me.:(
how did I get invited to join this community? I'm hardly a teenager anymore... maybe I should be the one handing out precious advice lol...
you seem ok nonetheless... telepathy hey?
just join this community...hahaha telepathy lol
what's in it for me? ;-)
all my friends are going to think I've gone all soft, whiny and emo... but really I'm \m/ all the way...
Now I need a straight answer: did you find me through your "telepathic" skills....? lol
actually yes, but is it matter?*rolleyes*
Don't you roll your eyes at me young lady... it's very cheeky...
If you give me a convincing answer about how you found me and why you thought I would be interested in joining your little party I might consider becoming some sort of moderator dishing out advice and wise words to the youth of today AND I might add you to my (very exclusive) friends list (a real treat)...
telepathy my friend, thats all just a telepathy :)
So is this where people will gather to bitch about Fixxer? You know that manly mod with a "slight" star wars obsession.

I love your icon btw.
hey...how do i apply in the fixxer?

cuz i really really want to...i'm writing a thing about my current problem...it's a longggggggg story...

leave me a comment at my site or sumthin so i can know how...thanks